Im going to start my blog off with a little positivity. I have created 3 images to enter a competition for Make it in Design in the hopes of winning a place on the course to build your portfolio and to exhibit at Printsource. The challenge - to turn a positive mantra or uplifting quote you live by into a beautiful typographic design. I don't normally like entering competitions but this really one really resonated with me because A. I absolutely adore typography and B. I love positive uplifting messages (also C. I'd really like to win the prize) but I wanted to do these as an exercise in design for my portfolio and share on pinterest for anyone going through the same thing. Who can't benefit from a little positivity anyway!

The first one I owe to my lovely husband. I have a (bad) habit of holding myself to exceptionally high standards but every now and again, as we all do, I have a nagging self doubt that always voices the same question, what if I can't do it? 'It' could be anything, a particular design, a presentation, public speaking, writing a blog. But my husband who is positive, calm and pragmatic always answers me with the question below and I love him dearly for it. Because its true, you never really know if you can until you actually try. His question is the reason I left my full-time job to freelance, signed up for Surtex AND started running, although I'm still not totally convinced I will ever run very well.